This email was so heart warming.  I often wonder what life would have been like if I stayed at IBM (well.. I wouldn’t have seen my kids grow.. since I was trapped in a 100% travel job.. or so my heart defends)

Subject: Hello – could we connect on Linkedin? 

Dear Laurie,

I hope you will forgive me writing to you directly, but I’m afraid I was off sick while you were leaving IBM and missed the chance to write to you.

I greatly admired your work on web 2.0 and I raised it to very senior levels in Europe. We are now building some of it into our Barcelona Banking Centre as part of its refresh.

If it were possible to connect through Linkedin (..or similar), I’d be very keen as I’d like to stay in touch.

Best wishes, and I hope the new job is going well,



Solutions Specialist, European Center of Competence for Banking Front Office, Barcelona