Friday August 18th – My resignation email to IBM colleagues

I wanted to share my new job and contact details with you.
I’ve resigned from IBM and today is my last day.   I’ve loved IBM and my web consulting, and yet, I need to step out of the travel spotlight while my family is young and exciting.

So, I’m moving to local company with a positive reputation –  GGH, a homebuilder in the GTA.  I’ll be directing their corporate and low-rise/hi-rise brands.  Its a promising move in an interesting industry.   All of which puts me on the client side with little travel.   The office is at VP & F in an industrial park (oh god)  – but I think I’m getting an office & desk so things are looking up.  

I’m easy to find in or    My new contact information –  And I believe I will have as an address.   (bad website.. and there is my opportunity)

I’m always up for coffee – let me know when or if you are in the area.