Somewhere in the blogosphere I have a blog entry. But I’ve decided to put that blog out to pasture, let the ship sail alone, leave the dog alone. It was some online rambling about dating the wrong guy and I don’t want that alter-ego anymore. I’m married, have a little girl and ready to move on to new things.

the whole blog thing feels like online dating. I was never too enthused about putting my picture up but in the end – it led to my wonderful husband. I am never equally enthused about posting my life up for the world – but have learned that I get ‘intimate’ with all sorts of strangers. I’m a big reader of blogs and am always commenting/participating but never blog myself. I now see blogs less about online diaries and more about writing, expressing and connecting to others who feel the same way. That alone represents a big ‘reframing’ in my mind.

No links on this first post. I have to “find my voice” as I’ve heard.

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  1. Thanks for you words of encouragement! Glad you like to be on the water also – I enjoy sailing when I get an opportunity (can’t afford my own boat though unfortunately!)

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